Dear Dr. Shah,

I want to thank you most sincerely for the fertility treatment that you provided myself and my wife Katherine in January 2017. We had spent more than a year trying to start a family without any success and it was our very good luck to meet you and your lovely family while hiking the Sandakphu Trek in India in 2016.

Just 9 short months after seeing you for treatment, our beautiful, healthy and happy twins Georgia and Harvey arrived on October 2nd 2017. They have changed our lives forever in so many wonderful ways and we cannot imagine life without them as they are so precious to us. I attach some pictures from the last year. They are now just 16 months old and starting to walk and talk a few words – ‘Dada’ and ‘Mama’!

We would love to welcome you to Aspen if you are back in the United States in the future.

Thank you so much again for making this miracle happen for us!

Yours sincerely,

Sean Solon & Katherine Adams Solon

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