Pregnancy is Pleasure

First step: – “Pregnancy by choice not by chance”

We advise couple to take proactive decision to understand reproductive physiology, reproductive needs and aspiration of their family and probable problems in achieving planned pregnancy through our various mode of consultations i.e. Marriage counselling, Pre marital counselling, Contraceptive guidance, Sex counselling, knowledge about pregnancy and abortion.

Second step: – “Pregnancy is a Pleasure”

Well planned and timely conception is always joyful event for a family. Our aim is to empower couple with proper information, proactively manage the entire 9 months period with best of medical care and psychological support. Treat Fetus as an Individual and give optimum development opportunities. ·Concept of fetal intelligence. Early detection of high risk pregnancy and abnormal Fetus· For dealing with high risk pregnancy we  have excellent team of experienced doctors.

Third step: “Delivery is a Delight”

We make utmost efforts to make birthing experience more comfortable, less painful and more memorable. Expert team of Gynaecologists and paediatricians assures you that you and your baby are in safe hands.

Fourth step: “Ultimate Joy of Parenting” ·

Our value added services for you and your Precious Newborn are Neonatal screening tests for early detection of deafness, hypothyroid, G6PD deficiency, inborn error of metabolism are done at our hospital through tie up with Neogen Genetic Laboratory. Umbilical cord blood banking helps to preserve stem cells of newborn. Breast feeding assistance through well known Breast feeding expert. “Fit after Birth” Classes to regain post delivery fitness. Aesthetic Program to get rid of melasma, pigments, stretch marks, unwanted hairs, excess fat deposition and improper body shape, through tie up with AgelessMedica. Latest Vaccination program at economical rates. Contraception advice and resuming normal sexual life.  Education for good parenting and child safety by experts.



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