About Us

We are Pooja Hospital specialise in multi disciplinary services for all your medical needs. We have a dedicated Maternity Department, Endoscopy centre, Fertility Department, Family Planning Centre, ENT Department, Sonography Centre, Aesthetic Department, etc. Pooja Maternity & Nursing Home exists since past 30 years now. We share a special bond with all our mothers and babies. Our goal is to build lasting relationship with people. We believe that the healing process is as much about personal care as medical attention. We are committed to providing you with high quality medical services, compassionate care and modern amenities to make your stay a comfortable one.
We already have many healthcare services our group of hospitals which are helping us to address all round needs of women from “Womb to Tomb”.

    • Government recognized Abortion centre with family welfare services.
    • Advanced video-endoscopy surgery – Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Naso-Rhino-Sinoscopy
    • Advanced Infertility centre for both partners
    • Semen banking, Embryo freezing and Surrogacy.
    • Advanced Sonography with color Doppler and 3D/4D, Transvaginal,, small parts & vascular Sonography.
    • Pathology Laboratory, Sexology Clinic & Menopause Clinic
    • Andrology and Sexology Unit
    • Prenatal diagnosis & Genetic Counseling
    • Facilities for Colposcopy and early detection of cervical cancer by Self Test for Cervical Cytology. Also we give Cervical cancer Vaccines.
    • Thermachoice Balloon Ablasion for treatment of heavy periods without removing uterus.


Dr. Jagdip Shah

( M. D., D.G.O., M.C.P.S.)

Dr. Sadhana Shah

( M.S. E.N.T.)

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