5S Training workshop

Venue: Pooja Maternity Nursing Home & ENT Center, Ghatkopar (W)

Date : 03/12/2017 Time : 3.00pm.

Conducted By: Mr. Dilip Pardeshi 

 5S Training workshop arranged by Dr. Jagdip shah for Pooja Hospital, Parakh Hospital & Ageless Medica staff

5S Concept Certified (5SC) 5S is a workplace organizational method that uses a list of words to describe how to organize a workspace.

The 5S’s (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) are rough translations from the original Japanese terms referring to a process to optimize workplace organization.. … Now, 5S is being applied to a wide variety of industries.

The premise for the 5S’s is that a lot of improvements and inefficiencies can be made by having a clean, organized and efficient workplace.

Employees will learn the fundamental concepts of the 5S’s that will improve quality and productivity.

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